Capital Electric GmbH: Distribution of Interconnect Components and Process Equipment

Interconnect Components and Solutions

We develop and supply aerospace interconnect solutions.

Aerospace Interconnect Engineering

Learn about our custom developed interconnect components

Innovative Projects Developing

Innovative Science, IT and Aerospace projects we’re working on.

Our lab

We’re opening our new laboratory and production line in Salzburg, Austria in September 2017  

Betavoltaic Battery

Technical solutions investigation for design and manufacture a beta voltaic battery based on highly enriched Nickel-63 isotope

Quantum Router

Capital Electric GmbH is actively participating in research and development of a quantum communication secured server.

Satellite Coverglass

Hi-Technology local manufacturing of the radiation stable optical glass for an aerospace sector.

Capital Electric’s customers are over 200 largest design and manufacturing companies. Our experts select appropriate materials and components to build interconnections and data links taking into account the product specifications and operating requirements. We are happy to work with both the largest global suppliers, and the manufacturers of one-of-a-kind solutions.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the latest technologies. We engineer, develop and supply all types of interconnect components and related tools for aerospace industry. As an industry leading company, we’re also investing in Research and Developing of many scientific projects, including our glass coating for satellite solar panels.
Capital Electric GmbH with office in Salzburg, Austria, is currently looking for PhDs in Cryptography, Aerospace and Engineering: feel free to send us your CV!
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08.Jun - 10.Jun, 2017

“France Air Expo Lyon”

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